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Photos and videos of the exemplary high standards achieved by BHC when cleaning MOD Properties

Video of the high Standard of Cleaning In SFA MOD property

This video is one taken from a Marchout clean we did on Abbey close Tattershall Lincolnshire it gives you and idea of the standard of cleaning service you will receive from BHC in order to pass inspection from the CA

March out clean SFA cleaning services Thorpe place Tattershall Lincolnshire

 The First SFA March out Cleans we did for a lovely couple who was posted away little did we know they would return back to us four years later wanting us back as a regular domestic clean for their SFA

March out Clean for the Padre RAF Coningsby

 Please have a look at some of the photos taken during the cleaning process of the SFA on Thorpe Place so that new customer can have a good idea of the service and standards that they will receive should they