Cleaning equipment review!

So for some years now BHC have owned a high pressure washer/ jet washer, it runs a 4000 PSI Pump With a 14HP Loncin Engine 420 cc.

Brilliant machine never had problems with it in the past 8 years start first time oil is changed about every 8 months and has done a lot  of work. the pump on it is a Comet AWD-K Flow rate 16LPM.

in addition to that for large flat surface cleaning such as patio’s driveways we purchased a 22″ stainless steel Whirlaway we combine the use of this with a 4000PSI rated Lance directly screwed on to a Turbo nozzle, the turbo nozzle usually come with a quick connect fitting but the weight of the turbo nozzle soon where out the “O” rings in the quick fitting at the end of the lance, so if you want to use “Quick connect” tips in the end of your lance i would carry a second lance for this application.

Whirlaway flat surface cleaner and Jetmac Jet washer

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