Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner

BHC purchased a Rug Doctor carpet and upholstery cleaner, to aid us when providing our customers with SFA march out cleans. The main reason we choose Rug Doctor was the size of the machine makes it easy to carry and manoeuvre around a domestic house the speed in that it can be set up.

In our opinion it works better than much larger machines as it combines the suction of a wand and an agitation brush,  it’s more economical in many ways with out having to setup huge long suction hose’s and time is money when providing a cleaning service, as you can see from the photos  below results are very good this why we think it the best carpet cleaner for the job!

During the carpet cleaning process


Q: Most common question asked is “whats the difference between the red Rug Doctor carpet cleaner and the Blue one?

A: The red Rug Doctor carpet cleaner you see in the shops and stores are rented only the blue Rug Doctors are owned by a person or company!